About the Consortium

The Institutional Investors Blockchain Consortium is intended for pension funds, endowments and other institutional investors who wish to be proactive in their approach to reputational risk.

Alongside the Consortium’s founding member Deloitte, members work together to research, explore and implement blockchain technology solutions that reduce reputational risks for institutional investors.

Leadership through Collaboration

The Consortium creates a venue for the most talented and progressive institutional investment executives to learn and share with peers, experts and thought leaders. Ours is a relationship-focused organization that recognizes the power of collaboration to advance our objectives.

Engaging Speaker Series

The Consortium hosts quarterly events and brings in engaging expert speakers to explore the potential of blockchain technology to reduce reputational risk for institutional investors. Speakers include current and former members of the SEC, high profile members of the financial media, famous authors, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Transparency Gap

A lack of transparency in the operations of some investment funds increases the investor’s risk substantially. A recent study by Northern Trust of more than 100 investment fund managers and 300 institutional investors found that nearly 60% of the institutional investors surveyed want to see greater transparency from investment funds.

The Disconnect

While institutional investors are not satisfied with the level of transparency they receive from investment funds, the same Northern Trust survey found that 98% of investment fund managers felt that their investors were entirely or mostly satisfied. There is clearly a fundamental disconnect between current risk management practices and the expectations of institutional investors.

Bridging the Gap

Our purpose is to bridge this gap and give institutional investors the transparency they need while encouraging investment funds to implement technologies and processes that will make them more transparent.

Finding Solutions

Risk management is a constantly changing and evolving discipline. It involves the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by a coordinated application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and impact of unfortunate events.

Technological Innovation

Working together with leading experts and thought leaders, we identity, research, pilot and then implement breakthrough technologies that move the investment fund industry forward into a new era of transparency and trust.

New Industry Standards

Investment funds that want to attract investment dollars from our members will need to meet the high risk mitigation standards that we set. Those that don’t will find themselves falling behind their competition.