Engaging Speaker Series

The Council hosts quarterly events and brings in engaging expert speakers to address best practices in compliance, due diligence and other risk management topics. Speakers include current and former members of the SEC, high profile members of the financial media, famous authors, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Collaborate with Peers to Lead

Members of the Council are at the forefront of change in investment fund investing. The Council brings the most talented and progressive institutional investment executives together to learn and share with peers instead of lawyers and consultants. As a member of the Council, you will actively shape the future of investment fund investing.

Members have the opportunity to participate in ongoing working groups that explore specific types of risks and emerging standards and technologies to address them. Findings are shared among the group, at an appropriate level of detail with the permission of the members. One early focus already identified by Council members is blockchain technology.

Adoption Report and Database

The Council surveys membership practices and monitors the implementation of specific solution types at investment funds. This provides Council members with valuable reference data as to the risk management practices among their portfolio of funds. First among these adoption data compilations is the “blockchain user database” which provides up-to-the minute information on which funds have adopted blockchain, the nature of their implementation and associated auditing/forensic services being integrated with the solution. The database will be fully searchable, with management dashboards and a complete suite of analytics enabling investors to easily see which investment funds are demonstrating the highest commitment to transparency.

Research and Newsletters

Drawing on the collective knowledge of our members and the insights of thought leaders and experts throughout the financial industry, we deliver our members the best research available on topics related to risk management. In addition to ongoing research, we publish and distribute a professionally produced quarterly newsletter. With contributions from noted industry leaders, our newsletter keeps members apprised of all the freshest thinking and latest developments in risk management.